Penis eating fish

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Eating fish Penis
Not only is Samad's proudly preserved fish far too large, it bears no signs of having inserted itself anywhere. Unless we write these men off as liars, it Penis eating fish important to investigate their claims further.
Eating fish Penis
Candiru - Wikipedia
Eating fish Penis
What ultimately Penis eating fish from this fishy tale is a message of science triumphing over superstition. InStephen Spotte of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point and his colleagues set out to test this idea, without putting anyone's genitals at risk.
Eating fish Penis
penis eating fish
Eating fish Penis
The one that is generally thought to be the culprit is the 5cm-long Vandellia cirrhosa.
Eating fish Penis
BBC - Earth - Would the candiru fish really eat your genitals?
Eating fish Penis
The candiru is a parasite of larger fish, feeding off the blood from Penis eating fish gills. Removal can be very difficult, as the barbs face one direction only, and pulling on the fish only causes them to sink deeper into the walls of the urethra.
Eating fish Penis
The fish swims up the penis into the urethra — upstream, which is an impressive feat for such a small fish — where it latches onto the walls with barbs.
Eating fish Penis
A few native people suggest home remedies like a hot bath or an herbal soak, but for the Penis eating fish part, the verdict is a unanimous and horrifying one: Some of them, like the candiru, may well turn out not to be true.
Eating fish Penis
The researchers compared the behaviour of candirus when presented with live fish and with potential chemical attractants, such as ammonia.
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